Graduate Students

Chloe Green
ctgreen @

Chloe graduated from UC Davis, where she earned highest honors in Psychology. Her recent research includes an investigation of how computerized cognitive training influences children’s ability to pay attention in academic situations. She is interested in integrating insights regarding brain functioning with insights into behavior. She hopes to eventually design her own research on enhancing intellectual capability in children and adults with learning disabilities and age-related cognitive decline.


Belén Guerra-Carrillo
belyguerra @

Belén is a graduate student in Psychology and an NSF fellow. She is interested in the malleability of different cognitive skills and the associated neural changes following training. She seeks to use cognitive training programs to help improve academic achievement in low-performing students and to identify the distinct aspects of each program.



Maria K. Eckstein
maria.eckstein @

Maria graduated with a degree in Psychology and Philosophy from LMU University of Munich (Germany) and is now a visiting graduate student at UC Berkeley. Her interests lie in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. In her research she uses behavioral and physiological methods to gain insight into complex cognitive processes, such as reasoning in difficult tasks. She is also interested in their relationship to other constructs such as working memory, mental effort, and fluid intelligence.