UC Berkeley Building Blocks of Cognition Studies for Adults between Ages 18 and 35:
How does your mind represent concepts? Behavioral and brain imaging studies
The Building Blocks of Cognition Lab at UC Berkeley is recruiting healthy participants between ages 18 and 35 for a study. If you are enrolled in the study, you will be asked to  complete memory and reasoning tests online (behavioral study). You may  also be invited to participate in an fMRI study at the UC Berkeley Brain  Imaging Center (brain imaging study).
If you have not been fully vaccinated you are not eligible for the study. If  deemed ineligible to participate in the study, no compensation is  available for your time or effort in coming to said appointment.
Criteria:  1) Native English speaker. 2) Adequate sensorimotor capacity to  participate in the trial, including normal or corrected-to-normal vision  and hearing, and motor capacity adequate to control a computer keyboard  and mouse. 3) No history of neurological or psychiatric illness o ruse  of psychotropic medications. 4) No epilepsy. 5) No pacemakers or other medical implants or other metallic implants. 6) Not pregnant.
● $10/hour, in the form of an Amazon gift card, for an online behavioral study, which takes ~1 hour.
● $25/hour, in the form of an Amazon gift card, for an in-person brain imaging study, which takes ~1.5 hours.
If you’re interested in participating, please send an email to and a researcher will answer any of your questions and send you a copy of this ad for your reference.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Developmental studies:
We are not currently recruiting children or adolescents. Please visit the UC Berkeley Developmental Labs to  sign up to be contacted by UC Berkeley researchers about studies your  child might be interested in and to learn about ongoing research studies  at UC Berkeley.