Lab Openings (as of March 2024)

We are currently hiring a postdoctoral fellow and two full-time research assistants, please see attached: 

JPF04379 – Junior Specialist -The Building Blocks of Cognition Laboratory-Psychology

JPF04378 – Postdoc Employee-The Building Blocks of Cognition Laboratory – Psychology

Graduate students:

No current openings for Fall 2024. 

Undergraduate research assistantships:

Openings for UCB research assistantships are typically posted through the UC Berkeley Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program. If there is no ad posted, you may e-mail lab members directly to inquire about the possibility of working with one of them. Please see below for some advice for prospective RAs.

We particularly welcome applications from underrepresented minorities. Due to high demand, we only accept students from UC Berkeley, Berkeley City College, or HBCUs.

Advice for prospective undergraduate RAs — by Anthony Dunn (former lab manager; graduate student at Dartmouth University):

If you are considering research, I would highly recommend taking an entry-level data science or statistics course in R or Python. Doing so will considerably increase your value as an RA, as statistics and programming are core skills of any researcher. I also found coding and data science to be a lot more fun than I expected. Data C8 (also listed as Stat C8 and Info C8) is the course that helped me build a solid foundation in data science/statistics, and in coding in general. Data C8 is taught in Python, however, what I learned from that class has translated to R and MATLAB as well, both in terms of programming skills and statistics. Despite the depth of Data 8, you do not need any coding experience or a background in stats to take the class. You can freely access all of the material from previous semesters through the Data 8 website: ( –although the accountability of enrolling in the course will provide much greater benefit.